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29 November 2016

An Outline of our Day

Below is an overview of the daily pre-school routine which your children follow so you can see when their main activities take place. May we remind parents that in order to claim the Early Years Entitlement it is very important that your child arrives on time and attends the minimum required number of weeks. Lambs parents, your child's day runs in a very similar format to that listed below, however, we are much more reliant on you informing us of your child's interests, as many of them cannot chat to us about their weekends and we ask that you inform us of any exciting changes or experiences your child may have seen.

8.00am - 08.45am Arrival:

During this initial session, children are welcomed into the setting and are given the opportunity to have breakfast (if required) and our day begins. Children enjoy Free Choice Play supported by staff.

08.45am - 09.15am Registration, Circle Time and Story Telling:

During this time we plan the rest of our day by discussing with the children any items they have brought it for the interest area, experiences they may wish to share and general discussion and choice time. During this time a story is told using actions and puppets and the children are involved fully. This session is invaluable to the children to set their day ahead, with their choices.

9.15am - 11.45am Child led activities for all children:

During these sessions staff provide children with extended knowledge on their self directed play, support them in their learning and also observe and reflect on the children's play. This allows staff to gain deeper understanding and assessment of our children and also allows children to choose their play independently and be encouraged to develop this further under the guidance of qualified practitioners.

10.00am - 10.30am Cafe Snack Time:

A time for general discussion and socialising time, opportunities for learning to take place in all areas, through routine activities, within a secure environment. Snack time is great for counting plates, cups, pouring our own drinks and learning our manners! Our cafe style means children do not need to sit for unnecessarily long periods of time.

11.20am - 1.00pm Phonics available, Counting Song and Lunch Time:

Following the letters and sounds programme we offer phonics sessions to our children twice a day in. Before lunch we tidy up and then spend time reciting our Numeracy action song, this is then followed by lunch which is a busy time, sitting with our friends and reflecting on our day. After lunch some children then get ready to be collected and go home whilst others enjoy activities in the gym and get ready to welcome their friends for the afternoon, often with some singing and group games.

1.00pm - 3.00pm Afternoon Session, Child led activities for all children:

This is an opportunity for some rest time for those who need to in our sleep room. This is also another opportunity for children to extend their interests through play, where staff will provide children with additional resources to continue their learning, within a challenging, stimulating environment. Those interests may have come from either the morning session, or if they have just joined the group in the afternoon, discussion will take place about interests from home or previous learning and staff will give the children the confidence to explore new areas of play through planned achievable activities.

3.00pm - 3.30pm Cafe Snack Time:

General discussion takes place with the children allowing staff to consider the children's current interests, development and learning and provide appropriate support through snack time. Our cafe style means children do not need to sit for unnecessarily long periods of time.

3.30pm - 5.00pm Child led activities for all children:

Our last session of the day where staff again, provide flexible resources, chosen by the children, to allow them to explore and learn, face challenges and dilemmas and enjoy valuable play within a supported environment.

4.15pm - 6.00pm Tea Time:

Following the letters and sounds programme we offer phonics sessions to our children. At the end of our day our children have an opportunity to eat their evening meal. There is still time to finish their play, read stories after their meal and reflect on their day with staff. Children are encouraged to be part of helping to clear away all that they have played with. This encourages more discussion and also teaches our children some lovely habits of tidying up!!


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